"Lola" Pillow


  • Image of "Lola" Pillow
  • Image of "Lola" Pillow
  • Image of "Lola" Pillow

Wares that make you feel salty.

Created for the Sunshine Coast "Super Souvenir" Exhibition apart of the 2018 Horizon Festival. Super Souvenir invited local artists to design, make and prototype a modern day souvenir. This project was committed to supporting and furthering the creative output for cultural souvenirs in hope for tourists and locals to gain a better understanding of the true culture of the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, locally and afar. Each artist was encouraged to explore a story, object, an idea or a combination of these to produce a souvenir that encapsulates his or her own story.

My story, as a once beginner and always a woman surfer, I explored local-ism in surf breaks and the gap between the idealistic images of a traditional souvenir and what is often the case when a tourist paddles out into a crowded surf break.

These pillows are little pieces of Art. They are all hand screen printed and sewed by me.

Image of "Locals Only" Pillow
"Locals Only" Pillow
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